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  • Disha Kaur Hanspal

How to BYOB- Build Your own Brand!

The world is evolving, one digital marketing strategy at a time. While 2020 was all about finding yourself and reinventing your career (with a dash of learning how to make trending reels on Instagram), 2021 is all about BYOB (Don’t get too excited, house parties and booze are still things of the past).

We mean- Build Your Own Brand. Because it is the best time to do so!

Why do we say that?

For starters, now more than ever, your online presence should be an asset, not a liability. Every little thing one needs, can be found online. And even though this sounds like an easy thing to do- it’s like finding caviar in a world full of catfish. And oh well, the sea is deep!

Creating a strong brand presence helps in standing out and making an impact. With nowhere to go, all that the customers are looking for now, are brands that they can resonate with across the screen. Switching tabs is the new window shopping, and it's time you entice the customer into the store.

So, before you BYOB, here are some steps to consider:

1. Create a brand identity with an efficient digital strategy.

Building a brand doesn’t stop at making the best logo or designing a website which ticks all the boxes or creating multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers. Yes, visual aesthetics are important, but retaining a customer base in real life (sorry bots) is the key.

Focus on what you have to offer and why it is different from the rest (remember- you are caviar!). Find out what the people want, and what is missing in that sector of the market, and how you can fill that gap. A completely digitalized world means that you can be anywhere, anytime; take that to your stride. You have the whole world on your screen! But don’t forget- so do your customers.

The most vital way to build brand loyalty? An impressive digital strategy! Get a hold of top trending ideas, find out what’s happening in the world and create good quality content. A strong digital strategy will help you map out the market and create valuable content. It’s time to get on top of your digital marketing game (*ahem* or contact us)!

2. Brand focus and personality.

Just like each one of us, every brand has its unique personality. A brand should be able to position itself as ‘the best’ and give a value proposition, while doing so. So, find out what your brand’s personality is and who you would like to focus your marketing towards. This will be your key differentiator.

Thank god (and well, website developers) for filters! Be sure to narrow down your audience and tap the section that most needs your product or service. Unlike the real world (can we even call it that anymore?), the internet can target your select audience within seconds.

Focus on building a strong and loyal customer base, rather than flaky customers who would switch brands easily. Once you’ve created a brand personality, it’s time to engage.

3. Engagement and interaction

A brand is only what its customers make it. Engage with your customers frequently and make them feel heard. Interactive stories, virtual online events, a feedback page on your website or even a weekly newsletter to your subscribers will create a great impact.

Your customers should feel as if they are a unique part of your grand story, and not just another person in the crowd. Direct special offers towards them, create strong campaigns and make them feel like a part of a community, that is, your brand.

It’s as they say- word of mouth, is the strongest way of marketing!

4. Good quality content

Nowadays, every Instagram account has stories spamming their followers. I don’t even remember the last time I watched someone’s story without constantly tapping the screen (I like to call it my daily exercise).

We are back to our fish analogy now- There is a plethora of content out there, but very few good quality content. Your brand needs to be a part of the latter.

Create a uniform tone for all of your creatives, and work on a standard color board. All your content should be visibly identifiable and unique. Pro tip? Choose colours and keywords that differentiate you from your direct competitors (Colour psychology is a real thing, y’all!).

Another point to remember while creating good content is, SEO Keywords. This keyword search tool is a whole different world of digital marketing in itself! It helps to put your brand on top of search engine pages and efficiently directs traffic to your website. Remember, visibility is key!

5. Create a strong network.

Whether it is your customers, your employees, or your suppliers, having a strong network of stakeholders is vital to help a brand grow (yes, even in the digital world!). Update your network about your activities and be transparent with your work ethics. Create a familial bond with your stakeholders and make them feel like a part of the brand.

The times are uncertain and so are businesses. Everything is changing, and all aspects of the digital world need to work hand in hand. So, check in with your employees, communicate with your customers and build a brand that is inclusive yet incredible.

You are not only creating a great brand, but you are also creating a lifelong community of likeminded individuals. Make sure you value their inputs and support their growth, just as you would for your brand.

Because your people are your brand.

Our last tip? Be confident! Your brand is a reflection of your ideologies. So, BYOB and build the best one at that!


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